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Khimprom is one of Russia's largest chemical enterprises

Public joint stock company Khimprom is one of Russia 's largest chemical enterprises specializing in production of various chemicals: organochlorous, organophosphorous, organosilicon as well as household goods, highly effective herbicides and insecticides, polyesters for rigid polyurethane foams.

With a product range exceeding 200 Khimprom holds the leading positions in manufacture of ethylsilicate, methylene chloride, complexones (nitrilotrimethylphosphonic acid, salt deposits inhibitor IOMS-1, oxyethylidenediphosphonic acid).

The enterprise ranks first in Russia on Hydrogen Peroxide production which is in compliance with international standards and meets the demands of textile and pulp-and-paper industry in environment friendly bleachers.

Khimprom is the country's only producer of:

  • acetonanil-N®- antioxidant for rubber
  • softener-2 – monomer for unique heat resistant high-impact polymeric fibers
  • phosphorus and chlorine containing fire retardants for polymeric materials.

Our consumers are enterprises of diverse industries: chemical, oil-and-gas, light, pulp-and-paper, wood-working, medical, pharmaceutical, electrical engineering, metallurgy, construction, heat-and-power engineering, machine-building, agriculture.

Khimprom is oriented on up-to-date standards of corporate management, process and output quality control, high standards of business culture. The company enjoys a high reputation in Russia and abroad.